Snediggen Snurssla is a promoter, producer, dj, field recording astronaut, and co-founder of AVA Collective based in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic. His adventurous long-range dj sets tend to address dancefloors of size of one’s mind as they build tension between ecstatic club-ready music and rather chilling listening experience.

Ssnurssla’s music selection fuses tribal energy and complex rhythmic structures into psychedelic, weightless and hypnotic experience, while melting deep techno, contemporary hybrid bass musíc deconstructions, or spacey ambient. Ssnurssla’s been recently active with his current multi-channel music project Moving Spaces.

As a member of the AVA Collective, Snediggen Snurssla iniciated number of cultural off-spaces, including legendary “Rumiste”, and has been bringing adventurous music to Czech clubs, and most notably into hidden and invisible urban spaces such as warehouses, lofts, or remote areas in woods