100% improvisation, 200% rave.

The Brno duo 1flfsoap deathly hates electroswing and its decaying stench. They have a different plan for Bohemian and Mravian clubs – energy packed electronic music that wildly clashes beats and synth riffs against each other. They debuted in the spring of 2016 when they made it to the finale of the 1Band2Play talent competition and so far, managed to release an EP and a few singles. One half of the duo – Michal Janík plays in Ghost of You and the other – Lukáš Palán was a part of Acute Dose and creates music in collaboration with Czech and international choreographers. 1flfsoap draw from live improvisation with loopers and guitars and their music pictures the rush of a club night where no one is safe from anything happening. Hopefully, this spring’s single Breakup Boogie is an omen of big things for 1flfsoap.