This band is named after the most abandoned whale in the ocean, communicating at a frequency that nobody else understands.

However, the emotionally intense post-punk of this Bratislava based five piece is heard and admired by both local and foreign music media. “And 52 Hertz Whale blew everyone else away – it was the most intense, pulsating performance I saw all weekend. They have that euphoric, post-rock side, and are super melodic, but they also have a captivating power and when they unleash the madness, it’s truly spectacular,” said Drowned in Sound about the band’s performance at the Liverpool festival Sound City. The same concert was also praised by Gigwise or Louder Than War. 52 Hertz Whale have been active for 7 years and so far released only 2 EPs; the 2017 self titled debut and the two years younger I’ve met a lot of people. But they have toured almost all of Europe, supported Algiers and the American magazine Under the Radar ranked them among bands with a great future. Coronavirus has temporarily stopped their rise, but they back on their way up. Their new album comes foreshadowed by two singles that certify that only few bands in the central Europe are capable of serving raw emotions with genius melodies quite like 52 Hertz Whale are.