So far, nobody has been capable of making R&B in such stylish, believable way. The huge discovery of last year, singer/producer 7krat3 mixes R&B with pop, releases catchy singles and intriguing videos with absolute professionalism..


Štěpán Hřebík, a former member of a Ceske Budejovice based reggae project Pub Animals, decided to try something new after the band took a hiatus for an indefinite time period. He signed with Vladimír 518’s label Bigg Boss and achieved prominence with his first song, Promiň. The song is accompanied by a minimalist, kind of surreal video by Benjamin Butler. The most significant subsequent release is the song Tygrovanej sprej, featuring Czech pop legend Jiří Korn, who 7krat3 gets often associated with. Just like Jiří Korn, 7krat3 brings new sounds and a very distinctive music and visual style that the Czech scene had previously missed. 7krat3 was also featured on a last PSH record, just as well as on a DJ Wich song. At the beginning of 2020 he released an EP called I.