Acid Arab (FRA)


Music knows no nation and dance unites. Those who don’t believe should make it a point to listen to a Paris based DJ/producer duo consisting of Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho who together form Acid Arab.


Since the second half of the last decade, they mix contemporary electronic music with Middle Eastern and African, seemingly incompatible influences. Their parties in the famous Chez Moune have become legendary and their records come out under the cult label Crammed Disc. The wild mix of eastern exotic styles overlayed with thick acid house, techno or electro beats offer an explosive cocktail that doesn’t allow you to stop dancing. “We don’t paste oriental sounds on occidental beats, we just want to be part of it, and contribute to this brilliant and enormous masterpiece that this music is, and has been for thousands of years,” they say to anybody intending to accuse them of cultural appropriation.  Acid Arab might be reinventing world music into a wild, freelancer hybrid which will soon have the entire world dance to it.