The legend of British techno lead electronic music outside of depths of self-centeredness and soulless hedonism.

Darren J. Cunnigham aka Actress answered Detroit based techno pioneers’ creations using 21st century technology. The Wolverhampton born artist was expected to go down a professional football player career path, but became unable to do so due to an injury. His new and lifelong love flared up for music. After releasing his 2008 debut Hazyville, and odyssey of minimalist lo-fi techno, music press pronounced him the savior of a slowly declining club scene. His following and equally successful releases Splazsh, R.I.P. or Ghettowille keep on featuring alien-like abstract beats and taking the listener into a different world ruled only by machines. His music has been released under Ninja Tune, Honest Jon’s or Werkdiscs; a label he personally founded. He collaborated with Damon Albarn, These New Puritans’ Jack Barnett or London Contemporary orchestra and last year he released an album recorded using AI.