Aid Kid

Ondra Mikula AKA Aid Kid is a well-known occurrence on the Prague scene. He produces club bangers, film soundtracks as well as impressive sound art and his DJ sets’ fingers are always pressed on the contemporary global sound’s tempo.


He debuted with singles and remixes during the first half of the last decade, supported Sophie or Sohn and released a debut album in 2015. This record got Aid Kid a Vinyla award nomination in the discovery of the year section and won him the listener’s Czeching award. The second part of his discography came in 2019 in the shape of the Cinematographer’s Journal album that also serves the function of a soundtrack to the film Jaroslav Kučera – Deník. Aid Kid is also a member of Kittchen as well as the Zvíře jménem Podzim group, both of which he released valued records with. His most recent record is the last year’s album Collection which got him nominated for an Apollo award. “It is a sonically perfect release full of digital beasts’ rawrs, dreamy and dance music as well as sampling in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp,” wrote Ondřej Horák about the record.