Pop as a dark ritual and meditational mantras from the future. The Switzerland-born singer and producer Aïsha Devi has her roots in the Himalayas and mixes the influences of the Far East with the current return to industrial techno and mutant sounds of deconstructed club music. Aïsha Devi and her abstract dance music are aiming towards the cosmos.

Aïsha has been on the music scene since 2005. She previously released as Kate Wax under renowned brands such as Output or Border Community, but has had a spiritual awakening because of meditation and returned to her birth name. In 2013, she established the currently cult Danse Noire label and got a lot of traction two years later after releasing the viral hit Mazdâ. She released two successful studio albums and a lot of collaborations and obtained the Swiss Music Award. “I’ve been meditating for six years and it has a huge influence on my music. In my way of production, the practice has transformed me, opened my cosmos, expanded my skills, extended the knowledge that I’m modulating in music,” she says about spiritual inspirations and adds: “both meditation sessions and music production merged into one same ritual.” She presented her intense, physical music on Primavera, Amsterdam based Denkmantel as well as the American Moogfest and is now headed for PopMesse. Attend a dark ritual that will allow you to see into your own soul.