Algiers, oft-regarded as one of the best live acts around, are described by audiences as a avalanche of energy and emotion that overwhelms the crowd.

The band, from Atlanta, Georgie, is the perfect project for these nervous times in which we live, when just to passively observe and wait is not enough. Their “dystopic” soul, enriched by gospel, afrobeat, industrial and free jazz elements is a call to arms. Their name is inspired by The Battle of Algiers, a 60s film about the Algerian uprising against their French overlords and the lyrics often reference Afro-American poets or philosophers. Their music sounds like a cocktail of Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Public Enemy and Suicide, but Algiers have already forged their own name so well that comparisons are redundant. The four piece, led by “preacher” Franklin James Fisher, will bring along their third album There is No Year, released in January to critical acclaim.