Songs to contemplate to, glass-fragile, intimate, yet powerful and determined. The Prague based singer/songwriter Amelie Siba has seen her big breakthrough before turning twenty. Her debut LP Dye My Hair got her both the Apollo and Anděl award, securing her the position of the local alternative scene’s most interesting recent acts.

Amelie Siba debuted in 2019 with her It Was Nice to Meet You EP and won the Full Moon magazine organized 1band2play competition. After the release of Dye My Hair, it is no longer possible to speak of her as a promising artist; the DIY label Teargarten released record catapulted her into the forefront of local alternative scene. Dreamy, indie folk melodies meet delicate electronics and are tied together with bedroom pop intimacy. The album was deservedly well received by both the public and critics. This year, her discography was widened by the cassette EP When is Our Time, with more prominent electronic beats to accompany her voice, but still keeping the authentic dark atmosphere of the debut. Her stories of broken hearts and foggy childhood memories fit the contemplative nature of lockdowns and social distancing, but go along well with the times that allow us to meet other people again.