Songs about the most (extra)ordinary things in life.

The singer/songwriter Anna Vaverková doesn’t aim to be the voice of her generation which might just be why she is exactly that. She sings of uncertainties and anxieties as well as selfcare and hope and is understood mainly by today’s twenty-somethings. At the beginning of her career, she left for Berlin for a career with the inide-rock band The Flavians which made it all the way to Glastonbury. Then, during lockdown, she started singing in Czech and home-recorded the Roztomilá holka EP which was met with an unexpectedly good reception. A recording full of civil electronic pop and brilliant lyrics had Anna Vaverková nominated for a Vinyla Award in the Newcomer of the Year category in 2021. This year, she’s competing for both a Vinyla and an Apollo, this time, however, in the Album of the Year category. It is on account of her 2023 release Pozdravy z polepšovny.