Purist acid house from Belgium.

Old synths, vocoder, hardware like from the good old days; the Ghent based duo Asa Moto swears on the root sound, disco and no party with them fails to be “hard.” Gilles Noë and Olver Geerts (Ego Troopers, Future Sound Of Antwerp) have debuted together in 2016 under the Deewee label lead by the legendary Soulwax DJs and since then they only release EPs. One better than the other – from the heavy Systema Naturae to the playful Playtime. The last years EP Martino proves that they have a sense of humour as well as strong pop influences, the vinyl was released by the French Beause Music label. Asa Moto also recorded music for an avant-garde table theatre play inspired by cubist paintings. However, they feel the most natural in clubs where their moustaches can flutter in the sounds their thick beats.