Bert & Friends

Just a musical joke? Not the case for a long time now! The group Bert & Friends first became known for their 2017 viral dadaistic hit Plody moří.


Since then though, they have evolved into a band to be taken seriously. Confirmed by a following sold out tour, their debut EP Supr, consisting of a contagious mix of soft-rock, trashy 80s pop and psychedelia, secured them a position of one of the recent years’ biggest local discoveries. The frontman Albert Romanutti’s writing style is one of a composition studies graduate as well as an innovator. The outfit labels their music “space altruistic progressive psychedelic melodic jazz rock band,” which showcases their humour just as well as the impossibility to put Bert & Friends into any box. Careless to genres, the band presents a breath of fresh air and eccentricity that the Czech scene had been missing for so long. Simply the most famous band from the 2050s that travelled back in time to play their greatest hits from the year 2049.