Maggie, Trochtýna and Kristýna are Bibione. Their sharp (post)punk with krautrock and psychedelia influences found a home under Stoned to Death Records.


Under the supervision of Orient’s Lukáš Polák, the Pardubice based beast released their debut 7-inch last march with cover-art by Tomáš Přidal. They are experienced from The Maggie’s Marshmallows or the aforementioned Orient and begun with single tracks for compilations such as Crooked to Death or Refugees Welcome – back when they still sang in Czech. Recently, however, their music is ruled by English but they are planning to return to Czech. Bibione jokingly describe themselves as a “girl boyband,” they played at Beseda u bigbítu, Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival and in Leipzig, Vienna or Budapest. “Dirty, dark guitars, bubbly bass, machine-like drums and occasionally aggressive vocals ruled by the sarcasm in the lyrics – those are the distinguishing marks of the young band from the Prague DIY scene,” wrote Headliner about Bibione.