Beats and breakbeats for club nerds. Bicep’s epic tracks pay homage to the rich history of British dance scene from rave through UK garage all the way to the present.


They come from Belfast but have been living in London for a long time and made it amongst the hottest names of the Isles’ electronic music. This is made clear by the nominations for the latest Brit Awards. Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar have been friends since childhood and throughout the puberty they ran a blog called Feel My Bicep which featured obscure discoveries from archives. It has later turned into a club night as well as a label. And then a music project. Bicep released their debut EP in 2010 and slowly gathered a following with their releases which combine progressive house, breakbeats and strong sense of melody. In 2017, they signed with the cult Ninja Tune and released their amazingly accepted debut. The subdued atmosphere of the pandemic year is apparent on the second record released in 2021. Live, however, Bicep promise energy and euphoria. Reports from their last Prague concert speak of “mass ecstasy” which we will, thanks to PopMesse, finally get to experience in Brno.