Slovak pop-rock at its best.

Our eastern neighbours only have one trustworthy music award and that is the public Rádio FM’s Radio_Head Award. Nobody won it as many times as this Bratislava based five-piece Billy Barman, who’ve brought home seven of them already. And they might add one more to the collection soon. They were established in 2008 around the author/singer duo Juraj Podmanický and Jozef Vrábel and have so far released four studio albums. Alongside them, let’s count in the popular live album Potichu recorded together with the folklore ensemble SĽUK. The new release Galéria duševného zdravia is prepared for this spring. Billy Barman belong among the root bands under the Slnko Record label and cleverly mix alternative rock with pop or electronic music whilst always keeping their contemporary and fresh sound. They aren’t, however, afraid of throwbacks to the golden days of Czechoslovak pop-rock, for example in the song Traja where they sing “jsme traja [there’s three of us] / ja a ty a Grigorov na obrázku [you and me and a picture of Grigorov.]” Among their other hits is the spine-chilling song Mladým chybí vojna or Vrkoče.