Ardent beats from Brazil.

Carolina Schutzer AKA DJ Cashu is an important persona of the underground queer scene in Sao Paolo. Given this, it is not a surprise that her music is filled with political motifs, but doesn’t forget about the delight of dance. DJ Cashu sets are the storefront of contemporary genre exceeding electronic music and expectedly pay a lot of attention to mutations of Brazilian rhythms. Cashu is the founder of the Mamba Negra collective which organises events in uninhabited locations and pays attention to equal representation of all genders as well as gender freedom since 2013. Recently, Mamba Negra also became a label, a radio programme or a booking agency. DJ Cashu has played illegal parties as well as Panorama Bar, Redbull Music Adademy Festival, Denkmantel festival in the Netherlands and has, of course, been to most countries of Latin America. This year, she’s coming to PopMesse.