Old school jungle.

The Dutch producer and DJ Coco Bryce (real name Yoël Yaïr) borrowed his artist name from a character from the cult film Acid House (1998) based on Irvin Welsh’s short stories. He himself grew up on 90s music. He begun DJing half way through that decade, being mainly a fan of the Dutch super-fast gabber. His first producer endeavours came shortly after. He switched genres as well as pseudonyms, released under brands such as Lobster Theremin, Rupture, Critical Music and countless own labels, the best known of which is Myor. There he started releasing breakbeat tracks under the Coco Bryce alias in 2009. In recent years, he’s been enchanted by jungle which can be heard on the albums Night on Earth (2019) or Phoenix (2023). He became more renowned through tracks used for the computer game Hotline Miami 2.