Crack Cloud (CAN)

Music as a healing mechanism. Punk as a way out of hell. The Canadian art-punk collective Crack Cloud was started by the drummer/vocalist Zach Choy and consists of seven musicians and multimedia artists responsible for the peculiar visual nature of the project.


Crack Cloud members met in various drug addict programmes and mental health clinics and have played together since the half of the last decade. Their recordings as well as concerts are an instrument of communal way to exemption from the traps of life’s problems. Their wild mix consists not only of punk but also of industrial and new wave influences and journalists compare their sound to significant bands of the postpunk era such as The Fall or Gang of Four. Crack Cloud debuted in 2016 with an eponymous EP a released another one, Anchoring Point, a year later. Their regular debut album, which came out in 2020 and was conveniently titled Pain Olympics, was met with excellent reviews. “‘Pain Olympics’ is a disturbing, joyous, cataclysmic listen that travels from claustrophobia and fear into wide-eyed expressions of joy,” stated NME about the record. The Canadian collective’s concerts have similar effects; they are a cure against the era’s pessimism, which can be beaten only using joined powers.