The British collective Fat White Family counts as one of the largest revelations of contemporary British independent rock and counts as a flagship project of the New Weird England wave. The band refuses to stay in one place and that’s why they took a summer off and filled it with the members’ solo projects. Hence, the frontman Lias Saoudi will be coming to Brno as a member of the club project Decius. After all, the distance between subversive brat rock and electro beats isn’t that large. During Decius performances, Saoudi accompanies the pulsating beats with eccentric vocals.


Decius describe their music as “Alan Vega cut acid house” and Saoudi takes up the role of the Suicide frontman. The outfit exists since the year 2014, when they released an EP Come To Me Villa and showcase Saoudi in connection with producers hiding under names such as Paranoid London or Medicine 8. The last two aliases are Luke Ezra May’s and Liam May’s; the brothers who produced Fat White Family records. As of now, Decius have released five EPs, the last of which being the single Paradise / Duuh-Dup with an authentic cover of the Diana Ross hit. Whether you want to label them as art disco or blogger house, Decius bring contemporary club sound suitable for a crazy post-apocalyptic party.