The Netherlands based walking dance music encyclopaedia and a DJ legend Dimitri was a part of everything significant to happen to club culture over the past thirty years. Dimitri was among the first people to mix house and breakbeats at the beginning of the nineties, few people were as capable of connecting hip hop and straight beats as he was and he even made Mixmag’s DJ of The Year chart several times. At the top of his career, he decided to leave the scene for three years and work at a farm inhabited by the intellectually disabled.


Dimitri Kneppers stood behind the turntables for the first time in 1983, DJing for the hip hop group Freakaristic. Five years later, he already became the resident of Amsterdam’s Roxy, which secured him the spot amongst the Netherlands’ DJ elite. His fame then spread all over Europe; he played illegal parties in abandoned factories as well as the Ibiza beach. In 1992 he established the Hi-tech Soul Movement, which approaches dance music from a spiritual standpoint. He was the boss of Outland Records label and released music under his name. The title of one of his nineties hits Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Your Own Style also defines the philosophy, which Dimitri sticks to when composing his genre switching, freethinking DJ mixes. PopMesse will experience a celebration of dance music as a power that can change lives for the better.