A comeback of the legends! The handy aliens in the world independent electronic music and maybe the only band of the last 15 years to widely succeed abroad.


DVA (Bára Ungerová a Jan Kratochvíl) loosened their tempo a bit in the last couple years and perform occasionally. They’re not missing out on PopMesse though. DVA were established half way through the 00s as members of the DNO theatre and were catapulted into the realm of biggest discoveries of the Czech scene by their debut album Fonók in 2008. They creatively mix electronic music with acoustic instrument to create “folklore of non-existent nations.” The following release HU contains “songs of non-existent radio stations” and won an Anděl award for the hypnotic repetitions and extatic moments on the record. The third album Nipomo got them a Vinyla award in 2015 and was heard all over the world on the tour with stops on festivals like SXSW. Another huge success was the soundtrack they made for the computer game Botanicula, for which they received an award of San Francisco’s Independent Games Festival.