The DJ and an electronic music promoter’s music touch emotions of listeners and dancers. Elena Colombi never sticks to one style or époque, her DJing is unpredictable and adventurous.

She was born in Italy, but has been travelling the world with her family since early childhood, and those experiences have an impact on her culture and époque-wise diverse music. She lived in London for a year and became known in the local clubber community, then she has moved to Brussels and afterwards to Amsterdam where she currently lives and runs the label Osàre! Editions. The label supports experimental club music that progressively bends clichés and expectations. Elena Combi is also known for her NTS Radio show, where she presents the most interesting contemporary projects reaching from techno all the way to post-punk and industrial. She participated in all the important dance music fastivals and has mixed for FACT or Crack Magazine.