They stood together behind the birth of the community surrounding the cult Brno parties MUAH before they headed for the rest of the world.

Now, Eva Porating and PSJ are returning to the crime scene. The Slovak DJ Eva Porating has had her spiritual club awakening in London’s Fabric and although she spent her youth playing in punk and hardcore bands, she chose dance music after returning from England. She played in countless Czech clubs but also performed in Israel, Germany or Slovakia and her set was the first ever one featured on the Czech edition of Boiler Room. PSJ is resident to the cult Ankali club and belongs among the best local DJs. His roots are in Brno where he begun playing and belonged to the microcosm surrounding the MUAH parties on the airport in Medlánky. He then relocated to Prague where he played every important club and runs the café and bar Luft on Letná.