A rendezvous with traditional Czech brass music.

Without a doubt, traditional Czech brass music is a genre that many are rightfully terrified of – the sculptor, painter and performer František Skála, however, found himself in it and, with the band Provodovjané, created a version of it that is both witty and authentic. Skála’s lyrics full of puns, absurdities and parodies of traditional folklore tropes play the main role here. Skála is more renowned as a sculptor or illustrator but music has been a passion of his since ever. Back in the depths of the socialist regime, he performed with the cult Kilhets, was a member of MCH Band, became known with Tros Sketos and is currently still active with the band František Skála & Třaskavá směs. “We miss the sound of with traditional Czech brass music being played in the streets, the brass of health resort orchestras and funeral processions,” says Skála. With the band Provodovjané, he has created original traditional Czech brass music on the album Pojď se mnou děvče mé.