A drain rap from Slovakia that you don’t wanna get to know. Fvck_Kvlt and Edúv Syn bring dirty emo-trap that makes a total mess in the Czechoslovak hip hop scene.

Fuck Xanax and Gucci sneakers, the punk scene influenced rappers dive deep into corners of human existence and send a clear message about late capitalism. This comes accompanied with the most real, raw Slovak rap, probably since the establishment of the scene. Denis aka Fvck_Kvlt also fronts a popular Žilina based punk band The Wilderness and classifies his music as “raw trve kvlt trap pvnk.” At the end of last year he released his debut Kvlt Teachings. He made beats for Edúv Syn’s debut mixtape Karel Gott je mrtvy keď hralo radio that was very well received in both Slovakia and Czech Republic. On the stage they will share a few verses. Rap about loneliness, depression and everyday hopelessness with  no pathos, dark insane fantasies and a dive into the unappealing cellar of life.