The verbal machine gun from Bratislava is a totally unique artist. Gleb has enrichened the contemporary rap scene with nylon jackets, drum’n’bass beats and mainly just being real, normal and authentic.

Forget rap clichés about girls and money. Gleb doesn’t need to flex. “He’s skilled in making your brain boil” and is excellent at storytelling about his life in a housing estate. He was born in Russia, but spent his childhood in Slovakia’s capital, started rapping as a young teen and became known in 2013/14 for his mixtapes Stanica Zoo 1 and 2. Two years later he debuted with an energetic album Lavička Pimpin, which is full of songs that instantly start moshpits. The same applies to last year’s Gauč storytelling which maybe the best Slovak rap album of the decade. A bit asocial, bit punk, bit professional. Gleb came among us to make rap believable again.