Euphoric shoegaze about a broken heart.

Will Anderson, the only lasting member of the band Hotline TNT, had to wait for success until his thirties. He originates in the American Midwest and spent some time in Vancouver in a band descriptively titled Weed. He started Hotline TNT as a solo project after having moved to New York. It is a mixture of etheric shoegaze laced with power pop and emo – songs about a broken heart never sounded as triumphant and delightful as they sound when played by Hotline TNT. After a series of EPs he debuted in 2019 with the album Nineteen in Love and signed with the renowned Jack White’s label Third Man Records. This is where he released the successful album Cartwheel that was named Best New Music by Pitchfork in 2023. At PopMesse, TNT Hotline will demonstrate why they’re talked about as the most 90s sounding band of the 21st century.