IC3peak (RUS)

In recent years, Moscow radiates coldness but is also fertile with interesting music projects. This wave, labelled by the press as “New Weird Russia,” is fronted by the Moscow based duo IC3PEAK.


Their darkened experimental hip hop captures awful perspectives of the young generation during Putin’s regime. Nikolaj Kostyljev and Anastasia Kreslina make music since 2013; they started recording music in English but eventually returned to their mother tongue. In 2018, they became known for the viral clip to the song Smerti bolše nět, which unfortunately also brought them to the attention of politics; their following tour was filled with cancelations, imprisonment of the shows’ organizers and interrogations. “If you want to remain true in your music these days, it is impossible to remain apolitical because everything is very radicalized. It is unavoidable,” says Nikolaj in an interview for Respekt, but instantly adds that IC3PEAK’s music concerns a lot more than just politics. Thanks to PopMesse, Russia’s most dangerous band will finally show up on stage in The Czech Republic.