Kae Tempset (UK)

Poetry as a way to approach the world. Music as a means of changing it. Kae Tempest belong amongst the most interesting names of last decade’s British music scene.


Their body of work is influenced by Wu Tang Clan and James Joyce, Ursula Le Guin and grime. They freely swich between theatre, poetry, fiction and rap. They collect critics’ appreciation as well as fans’ admiration. Tempest appeared on the scene at the beginning of the previous decade; their poetry collection Brand New Ancients won them a Ted Hughes Award in 2013 which gained them some recognition. Their one year later released debut album Everybody Down was nominated for a Mercury Prize, same with the following Let Them Eat Chaos. Kae’s energetic reciting mixed with rap is supported by hip hop beats on these records, the second of which tells a story of seven people who live on the same street and are united by a storm. Last year they released the novel The Bricks That Built the Houses. They also wrote three theatre plays, collaborated with Royal Shakespeare Company and got nominated for BRIT Awards.