David and Veronika Zeman of the Bohemia-based band, Kalle, are a great example of the fact that you don’t need a lot to make great music and become well-known.


Belief, persistence and of course, talent. Apollo and Anděl award winners, they have one of the most moving stories on the Czech alternative scene. In 2013, when they DIY-recorded their first album, Live from the Room, they had no idea how much of a sensation their minimalist and introverted slow-core music would cause in the Czech Republic and internationally. Their circle of friends grew and soon the wider public was charmed by the dreamy vocal, the electric guitar and the occasional drum machine. The follow-up, Saffron Hills was equally successful and 2019’s Songs with the Acoustic Band completes the trilogy, with songs written on tour with an acoustic band. This is the album they will present at Popmesse to confirm their place in the local alternative scene.