Kamaal Williams is part of the vanguard of the vibrant renaissance of British jazz. His work blurs the boundaries between classical jazz forms, hip hop and British urban music.


For years he has been releasing music under the name Henry Wu on the Eglo label, but lately has become better known as part of the jazz duo, Yussef Kamaal, whose music was released by Brownswood Recording, a label belonging to legendary British DJ Giles Peterson. The duo won the prestigious Jazz FM award for the album Black Focus (2016). Afterward, Kamaal pursued his solo career. His first and only album, The Return (2018) offers a confident mix of keyboard instruments and broken beats, based on a core of acid jazz. “We’ve grown up on grime, garage, broken beats, drum ‘n’ bass and house, There’s too many other new elements in there to just say it’s jazz. I just call it music from London, because that’s what it is, undoubtedly,” says Williams to spare us the trouble of labelling his music.