Arish Ahmad Khan AKA King Khan came to our planet to spread positive energy and love.

The Canadian shaman based in Germany has for almost two decades fronted the ten person collective ,The (Sensational) Shrines that is faithful to classic rock’n’soul played with a dirty garage sound and unexpected free jazz elements. A crazy stage show, insane outfits and unbelievable dancing make King Khan and The Shrines proof that some musical values will never grow old. And whenever there is too much of something, a break comes in form of a gospel or a soul ballad. King Khan has released countless records with various projects, for example music for the spoken word record by William S. Burroughs, Let Me Hang You. He also worked with Mary Orcher and the Wu Tang Clan, released an album on the Sub Pop label and is an author of tarot cards with an African fight for emancipation theme. A Renaissance man whose concerts are full of the magic of the unexpected.