Koňe a prase

Eco-disco-punk from Valašské Meziříčí and one of the large recent discoveries on the local alternative scene. The trio Koně a Prase was formed in 2013 when Martin Janírek and Viktor Mikulášek needed to start a music project to perform with at exhibition openings.



Two years later, the keyboard player Lenka Halová joined, completing the contemporary Koně a Prase line-up. Playful atmosphere, children’s musical instruments, banjo, saxophone, accordion and humorous lyrics about simple aspects of life that sometimes require some distance. In 2018, Koně a Prase invited Midi Lidi to join them on their Czech tour which boosted the band’s reputation. Two years later, they finally released their debut album Bramborové hity, recorded with the “colleagues” David Schwager and Jan Boroš (Tichonov, Čáry života). “Goofiness but also the bitter truth,” says Musicserver about Koně a Prase.