Folk is yet again back in favour and the Irish four-piece Lankum is part of the reason. Their hypnotic, intoxicating cocktail of traditional Irish music with drone/ambient approaches is mesmerizing critics and fans alike.


You decide, when’s the last time you heard a folk band that list Sunn O))), My Bloody Valentine or Swans amongst their inspirations. Most probably never. The Guardian called them “a younger, darker Pogues with more astonishing power,” and in 2018 they won two RTÉ Folk Music Awards. The Dublin based quartet were originally called Lynched, after the surname of the leading duo Ian and Daragh Lynch. After the debut album, they changed the name to Lankum, taking inspiration in a John Reilly ballad about a child murderer of this name. Their third album, A Livelong Day (2019) received enthusiastic reviews and found its way into countless end-of-the-year-charts. With both the sad, long tones of acoustic instruments and the eerie atmosphere that resonates of gothic horror films and joyful choirs, Lankum send out a clear message; it is still possible to approach folk music progressively.