The kings of 90s progressive house are headed to Brno hand in hand with their thick basses and beats.

Leftfield recorded absolute album classics Leftism or Rhythm and Stealth with hits such as Open Up, Dusted or Afrika Shox. They also appeared on the soundtrack to Trainspotting and remixed David Bowie. Neil Barnes and Paul Daley met at the end of 80s when the latter of the named remixed Barnes’ single More Than I Know, already released under the Leftfield name. When they finally joined forces in the studio, an invincible super-team was created. They didn’t want to repeat already known styles and cooked an entirely originally musical mix out of ingredients such as dub, breakbeat, house or hip-hop, which ruled over dancefloors of the time. In 2002, the central duo split. Neil Barnes returned as Leftfield in 2010, the album Alternative Light Source was released five years later. The latest release is the 2019’s album This Is What We Do, which Barnes recorded after recovering from cancer. The album celebrates “human connections which we established during our lives.”