The tireless experimenter and an extraordinary force on the local scene of the last three decades.

Lenka Dusilová is a nine-fold holder of an Anděl award who moved from her 90s radio friendly hits to an impossible-to-label music somewhere between jazz and world music. As a teen, she made a great impression as the front woman of the band Sluníčko, appeared on the oldest Lucie albums and collaborated with David Koller or Čechomor. Since the half of the 00s, she headed for the experimental realms and collaborates with musicians from the jazz scene such as Beata Havlenková or Vertigo Quintet. Her albums Baromantika, V Hodině smrti or Řeka shape new possibilities of musical expression, lead by Dusilová’s enchanting vocal. The last of the listed records won her three Anděl awards two years ago.