Leto s Monikou

Tender synth-pop about looking for hope. Monika Omerzu Midriaková starred in the duo Monikino Kino, her solo project was established in 2018 and named by the film romance by Ingmar Bergman from the fifties.



Her eponymous album received a Radio_Head Award for the best Slovak debut of the year. On the record, the musician tells great human stories without using unnecessarily great word, her songwriting style is simple yet emotionally devastating. Live, the songs bloom because of band arrangements. “Midriaková builds on thoroughly observed details which can feel trivial but resonate a transparent statement,” wrote Pavel Turek about the album. Omerzu Mitriaková also recorded soundtracks for the films Atlas ptáků, Poslední den patriarchátu or Všechno bude (with Šimon Holý). The last of the mentioned got her a Český lev award nomination.