Manon Meurt

From Rakovník to the stars on waves of dreamy walls of guitar sounds. During the eight years of their existence, Manon Meurt gained a place amongst the household names of Czech independent scene and also the most interesting touring acts of local music.


Their emotion-filled songs draw from shoegaze, dream pop and post-rock and both of their records (Manon Meurt, MMXVIII) were warmly received in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Czech Manon Meurt listeners noticed them at one of their first concerts which they performed in Divadlo Archa, supporting the legendary My Bloody Valentine. The comparison to the forefathers of shoegaze has stuck with the band ever since but the Rakovník based band is absolutely authentic and was refreshed for example when joined by David Tichý (Chief Bromden, Further Down). The third release is hopefully about to happen but it is still a given that it is worth hearing Manon Meurt live and experiencing the storm of guitar walls of sound collide with the fragile songwriting and vocal of Kateřina Elznicová.