A dreamer from Ninja Tune.

The London based musician with Pakistani roots is has been a part of the scene for several years. Nabihah Iqbal formerly performed under the pseudonym Throwing Shade and her vocal can be heard on early singles of the producer Sophie. In 2016 she signed with Ninja Tune where she debuted with the House of Silk EP, influenced by the cold 80s electronic music. She released her debut album Weighing of the Heart under her own name and it’s closer to guitar-based rock music. The creation of the follow-up record Dreamer was surrounded by strange circumstances. The finished recording was stolen from her studio in 2020 and she had to fly to Pakistan to take care of her ill grandmother. Afterwards covid hit and Nabihah Iqbal stayed in the country for a couple months. The ending, however, is happy; she purchased a guitar and a harmonium and rediscovered why she loves music. Dreamer came out this year and features both synths and guitar in the final harmony.