Trance, techno and banjo; Nathan Micay makes electronic music one can tuck themselves into.

The Torontonian currently based in Europe records valued soundtracks to HBO series and has released one of the best “dance” albums of 2023. Nathan Micay’s journey to the top, however, has taken an entire decade and started on illegal pop hit edits. Under the name Bwana, he composed an homage to the cult Akira anime and lead the Schvitz label. His name, however, is most associated with the LuckyMe Warp sublabel, where he released the valued albums Blue Spring and The World I’m Going To Hell For. The first builds on the legacy of trance, the second features string instruments and a very limited sound bank, creating an unusual fusion of contemporary classical music and ambient. This year’s release To The God Named Dream distils the best of his body of work; between 90s house and breakbeat references, we can hear his beloved banjo which he used to learn Taylor Swift songs on.