Blade-sharp techno.

Olof Dreijer is one half of The Knife, the cult radical Swedish synth-pop duo. Whilst his sister Karin continues her solo career with her Fever Ray project, Olof has been keeping a low profile. That is soon about to change. His DJ career begun at the end of the 90s playing school parties. After The Knife broke through, he would occasionally take a break to perform solo in Berghain, Helsinki’s Kaik or the Polish Unsound festival. He also secretly made experimental techno under the Oni Ayhun alias and took part in the Decon Recon community project. During recent years he’s been helping his colleagues with production, he’s collaborating with the Tunisian multiinstrumentalist Houeida Hedfi or the Swedish-Kurdish singer Zhala. He has remixed Royksopp and Robyn’s joined track and partook on the latest Fever Ray album Radical Romantics.