Prago Union

Czech rap devoid of tinsel. Adam Svatoš aka Kato with his project Prago Union holds high the flag of local hip hop in the form of urban poetry that includes piercing reflection as well as humour.


He was there when Chaozz crazed teenagers in the second half of the 90s, started from scratch with Prago Union in the next millennium and managed to return all the way to the top. At the same time, he always voluntarily distanced himself from the rap havoc; his style is admittedly “old school,” his lyrics, however, are timeless. He mixes the uneventful mundanity with an extraordinary feeling for the Czech language and an unmatched ability to observe. All of that is a part of why Kato left the borders of Czech rap a long time ago. He put out seven records, the most recent of which is called Made in Strašnice and came out in 2021. He owns two Anděl awards. At PopMesse he will perform with a live band, which is not very common with Czech rap. But the best way to describe him is in his own words: “Mic in hand and gold in throat, when i go, girls yell: Aah, that’s Kato!”