There is not much to be found about him on the internet, but his offline activities’ impact is very apparent.

PSJ is the cult club Ankali’s resident and has a spot amongst local DJ elite. He originated from Brno’s MUAH macrocosm, organizing parties at the Medlánky airport. He then relocated to Prague, where he got to perform in every important club including a very memorable set at Komiks with the German classic, Roman Fügel in 2017. Most of his sets circle around house, but it’s difficult to predict his selection as he picks the tracks depending on the mood and venue. Whether he takes the route of acid euphoria, ambient or downtempo, the listeners are in for a ride around the boundaries of club delight. PSJ also runs the Letná based café and bar Luft, which is an important spot for music enthusiasts; besides coffee and alcohol, it is also possible to buy vinyl or listen to specially curated DJ mixes.