The sound of village cultural centres inserted into contemporary rap.

Rohony is an unexpected occurrence on local hip hop scene; a proud villager as well as a conceptual artist who doesn’t care for rap cliches and assertively turns the rules of the genre upside down. He recorded his first video in a cowshed, cites obscure village entertainment bands in his lyrics and gives German lectures on TikTok. In 2023, Rohony fully blew up because of the hit U Hřiště 830 and the album Superfly. To beats by the Znojmo based producer MDMX, he raps about his fulfilling life in the Stařeč township near Třebíč. He’s also seen success with the comedic internet series Návrat krále which maps his return to playing football. Rohony is the new hero of local rap; unmistakable and authentic.