RSS b0ys (PL)

Masked travellers on the waves of techno and African rythms. The Polish duo likes raw dance music stripped to only its basic elements; their live sets often go hand in hand with mass euphoria as well as individual enlightenment.


Formerly, they functioned as a studio project and released records with cryptic names such as Hddn or Th T00th 0f Th FR. During the recent years, the tables have turned and live performances became the middle point of RSS Boys’ existence. Boy One and Boy Two played Unsound, Nowa Muzika, Primavera or the Berlin based CTM alongside a few performances in the Czech Republic. They anxiously guard their anonymity and perform in masks that hint towards a Haitian carnival. “It’s as if you really disappeared off the stage,” they said in their interview for Radio Wave. It isn’t, however, just a cheap pose; the aim is to put the music before the people who make it. In 2016, RSS Boys released an album together with Ventolin, titled The Game Ys Rottyn.