A dark post-punk ritual from Russia, music as uncompromising and sharp as a razor.

The St. Petersburg based five-piece sound like nothing else on the contemporary alternative scene and they are proud of it. Outside of Russia, they garnered praise in 2018 for their western festival appearances and received a lot of attention with the release of their viral hit Страшно (Strashno) and have been considered a huge discovery ever since. Shortparis have released 3 LPs and multiple EPs since 2012. They are a great live act, their concerts combine elements of cult rituals, avant-garde theatre and performance art. Wild dance, metallic beats, the claustrophobic atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic Russian housing estate, all of that is to be heard in songs which combine Russian, English and French. Before their Czech debut last year, they let listeners of Radio Wave know that “We don’t come to entertain but to create a ritual religion.”