Skepta (UK)

The grime legend, king of London and the one who shall not be dissed. Skepta got grime all the way from underground to charts without having to compromise. Strictness, street credit and authenticity.


His family comes from Nigeria but Skepta grew up in Tottenham in the suburbs of London. He was present at the very beginning of grime; the British answer to American hip hop that connects machine-gun-like rap and claustrophobic beats. When the genre drowned in commercial sellout, Skepta decided to save it and revived its roots on his own label Boy Better Know. “Yeah, I used to wear Gucci / Put it all in the bin ’cause that’s not me,” he raps in That’s Not Me; a hit which started the regeneration process for grime alongside the song Shutdown. His 2016 record Konnichiwa got him a Mercury prize and he also holds three nominations for Brit Awards. He is one of the few British rappers that succeeded overseas; the likes of Drake, ASAP Rocky or Pharrell Williams featured him on their tracks. He is now finally coming to Brno.