Spokesmen of the angry Britain, electronic punks with an attitude which they will gladly spit right into your face.

For years, Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn AKA Sleaford Mods have toured Nottingham’s pubs with their uncompromising fusion of rap and minimalist electronic music, to be finally noticed and brought to an unlikely stardom by British press some eight years ago. It almost appears as if it was necessary for Great Britain to properly hit the shitter to start fully appreciating Sleaford Mods’ music. Tightening of belts ordained by the conservatives, one Labour debacle after another and finally Brexit as metaphorical brown whipped cream on a cake of an island that has been faceing problems in its sheer size during recent years. All that is quite caustically commented on by Sleaford Mods, dominated by Williamson’s unrestrained utterance that borders on rap, shouting of a football hooligan and an angry punk vocal. It can be heard on records such as The Prodigy or Leftfield.