Rap the way you’ve never heard before.


The Polish duo consisting of the rapper Robert Piernikowski and the producer 1988 don’t lake to label the music “experimental” or “avant-garde,” because they’re convinced that these kinds of labels are an inseparable part of the entire genre and want to make that apparent through their releases. Robert Piernikowski performed with the cult trio Napszykłat that uncompromisingly mixed rap end electronics. After the group’s breakup, he contacted the producer Przemysław Etamski aka 1988 who has been creating psychedelic beat trips for a few previous years (ex. Kosmos). They debuted in 2015 under the name Syny with the album Orient, evoking the experiments of Dälek or Company Flow. The 2018 album Sen offers a melancholic hallucinating walk through the marihuana soaked dark parts of the suburbs.